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The Largest Wood Puzzle We Have Done

We are in the midst of completing the largest wooden puzzle we have done to date. Once complete we will post pictures. It is a Victory puzzle that contains 2000 pieces. To give you an idea of the size, it is about 4 feet long and probably 30″ tall or so (we have yet to … Continued

Why Auctions Are Not Always The Best Way To Sell

When it comes time to selling collectibles, such as wooden puzzles, sometimes people think that going the auction route is the best and easiest way to sell an item. While it is no doubt a good channel, and if you find a specialist in the items you have you may very well end up seeing … Continued

Early Wooden Puzzles

Did you know that the first early wooden puzzles were created back in the mid 1700s by European mapmakers? Using a maquetry saw, mapmakers like John Spilsbury created the first jigsaw puzzles by mounting maps or painting pictures on rectangular-shaped pieces of wood. They were then cut into small pieces that were to be arranged … Continued

Stave Tricks vs. Traditionals vs. Teasers

For anyone that has ever picked up a Stave wood puzzle before, you probably have figured out there are three main types of Staves, Tricks, Traditionals and Teasers (as well as a fourth type called Treats which are not too common). When I first got into Staves it really took me a little bit of … Continued

Why Are Some Wood Puzzles Not Worth Much?

If you have ever watched Antiques Roadshow or other similar programs, you have probably noticed that just because something is old does not necessarily make it valuable. In fact, there are many collectible items that are just not worth too much. There are a lot of factors that can determine value such as age, condition, … Continued

The Hardest Wooden Puzzle We Have Done!

We have done A LOT of puzzles over the years, from 5 Sword Staves to very large traditional puzzles from all sorts of manufacturers, but we are just about done with has become what we officially declared as the hardest puzzle to date. I actually don’t think this was intentionally made to be that hard, … Continued

The Challenge of Your First Stave Wood Teaser Puzzle

Of all of the puzzles we have assembled over the years from Stave, Par, Pastime, Madmar and others, nothing compares to a Stave Teaser Puzzle. One of the first teasers we “put” together (I’ll explain why this is in quotes later) was Tropical Punch. For those unfamiliar with Tropical Punch it is a relatively easy … Continued

Wishing You Happy Puzzling

As we start 2012, it’s always a good time to reflect on the past year. Given this site is all about wooden puzzles, no better time than now to reflect on a few interesting things from 2011. First, we had a number of great Stave puzzles come through our hands. While all of the their … Continued