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An Ode to Par Puzzles

Once in a blue moon I get the urge to write humorous (at least I think they are) poems. Here is my tribute to Par Puzzles(Please excuse the poetic license taken in terms of syllables and every other rule of limericks!) That big black box Sitting on the table Those Green Searhorses Atop a pronounced … Continued

Puzzling is Like Running a Marathon

Having done many puzzles over my lifetime, I have often wondered what it is about puzzles that people enjoy. I am sure if someone took a survey of a 100 serious puzzlers there would be a range of answers, from filling time to an alternative to watching TV to a form of meditation. However, it’s … Continued

Factors for Putting a Value to Antique Wooden Puzzles

We receive quite a few calls from people with old wooden puzzles looking to sell them or find our more information about them. What people are often surprised about is that, in some cases, the puzzle they own, while it may be a great possible and hold a lot of sentimental value, may not be … Continued

Par Puzzles vs. Stave Puzzles: Which is Better?

We are very passionate about wooden puzzles, particularly Staves and Pars. I remember when I first was introduced to both of these puzzle manufacturers by a collector of both, I was blown away by the quality, history and not to mention price relative to what I was used to paying. However, once I got past … Continued

5 Fun Jigsaw Puzzle Facts

We thought we would have a little fun and try to find some interesting facts and links for items related to Jigsaw puzzles. So here the first installement of RAR Puzzles’ Hall of Fame Puzzle Facts: 1) World’s Largest Commercial Puzzle Ravensburger, which is a very well known puzzle manufacturer, holds the record, according to … Continued

What Exactly Are Stave Puzzles?

For people that have never had the pleasure of putting together a Stave Puzzle, there are often a lot of questions that are asked concerning the different types of puzzles, what makes them different and, often, why do they cost so much? Hopefully we will be able to answer a few of these questions, as … Continued

The Ultimate Puzzle, 27,000 Fragments of about 90 Puzzles

Think a 5 Bolt Stave Trick is hard? How about assembling 27,000 pieces of ancient stone that complete about 90 different artifacts. How long do you think it would take you? A team of archaeologists from Germany recently completed this task. It took them about 10 years to assemble, and the process was a lot … Continued

What makes a great jigsaw puzzle?

This is really a subjective question as I have done some puzzles that I felt were a complete chore to finish, while others have done the same puzzle and loved them. However, having spoken to many collectors over the years, I think there are certain types of puzzles that seem to be more popular than … Continued

The Largest Wood Puzzle We Have Done Is Done

As we alluded to in a previous post we spent about 2 weeks putting together a 2000 piece Victory puzzle. To give you an idea of the size it was 4feet x 2feet. That’s 8 square feet of wood puzzling! Lots of trees and leaves did not make the process any easier. We kept at … Continued