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The Hardest Wooden Puzzle We Have Done!

We have done A LOT of puzzles over the years, from 5 Sword Staves to very large traditional puzzles from all sorts of manufacturers, but we are just about done with has become what we officially declared as the hardest puzzle to date. I actually don’t think this was intentionally made to be that hard, but was a result of the cutting style (see last week’s blog below for more details). Basically there are no knobs and many of the pieces are cut in a similar style. On top of that the image is a portrait with a lot of skin tones and similar shades for the clothes. Combined with those two distinctions you aren’t even sure if you have the right pieces together until very late in the puzzle. We ended up having to make quite a few switches as when we came down to the last few there was still some odd fits and we start switching pieces around. So basically this was a good one, and we look forward to sharing it with the lucky customer who ends up buying it. If you have any good puzzle stories about ones you have been stuck email them in and we’ll share the best ones!