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An Ode to Par Puzzles

Once in a blue moon I get the urge to write humorous (at least I think they are) poems. Here is my tribute to Par Puzzles(Please excuse the poetic license taken in terms of syllables and every other rule of limericks!)

That big black box
Sitting on the table
Those Green Searhorses
Atop a pronounced label

As the box is opened
What agony awaits
Nine hundred and fifty two pieces
Ready to be linked with their mates

Across the table
The pieces all lay
Turn them face up
So that we can play

Frustration sets in
The pieces don’t fit
Try Try Try Try
Every last knob and bit

Finally the picture
Begins to appear
You think the end is close
But really not so near

The very last part
Is really really tough
It is solid blue
And you have had enough

Alas the puzzle is done
A sense of pride sets in
You close it up
Ready for the next to begin