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Curious how our Secret Sales work? We’ve put together a simple guide to explain the process…

Questions? Feel free to email us (just reply to any of our emails) and we’ll be happy to help.

1. Check Your Email

You’ll receive an email at the designated time (check your most recent sale announcement email for day and time) which contains a link to the sale.
(Make sure to check your spam folder and if using Gmail, the Promotions tab, sometimes the email may be there. If you need specific directions to have the emails appear in your inbox, please contact us.)

2. Go To The Sales Page

The link in the email goes straight to the “secret page” with all of the available puzzles for sale. There is no preview of these puzzles ahead of time. The popular puzzles tend to be requested fast, sometimes in the first couple of minutes, so best to start with the ones you are most interested in and be ready when the sale goes live.

3. View Details of a Puzzle

To see the details of a puzzle you are interested in, click the image (or click the “View Details” button) and it will take you to the pictures and a full description of the puzzle. Note that the puzzle price will be on this page only and not the details page.

Sample of Details Page:

If you click a picture or the details button a gallery pops up that allows you to see the photos in more detail, as well as read the puzzle description.


4. Request to Buy the Puzzle!

If you decide you like it, fill out the Request To Buy form on the page.

Important: The sale is first-come, first-serve. Invoices for the puzzles are sent out via Paypal to the first person who fills out the form. (You don’t need a Paypal account to pay, just a credit card like other websites.) If the first person to request a puzzle doesn’t pay in a timely manner (absent payment issues or other problems that arise),then their invoice is cancelled and it is sent to then next person in the queue who made the request.

5. Wait for Your Invoice

It takes us a little time to reconcile everything, but you should receive an invoice (or a notice that you are on the waitlist) within an hour or two of when you submitted the request – or the next morning if it’s late at night. 🙂

Buying Tip

If there is more than 1 puzzle you are interested in, you should request both (or more!) and not wait to see if you got the first one you wanted as there’s a good chance the other(s) will already be requested. If you end up getting 2 and decide not to take one, that’s ok. Just be fair and don’t request a bunch you really aren’t serious about buying. We do our best to be fair with everyone and we ask the same of our puzzle community so we don’t get a lot of cancellations, it makes a lot of extra work for us.

Happy Puzzling and good luck, hopefully you find a puzzle you love!

Note: The pictures on this page are samples, this puzzle is not available this sale.