Stave | “And the Lord God Made Them All” Limited Edition


~297 Total pcs
~27 Silhouettes
17″ x 13 1/2″
LE #6/200

A gorgeous series designed by Stephanie Leoffler and based on a Cecil Francis Alexander poem. Each puzzle in this series has a different animal theme, this was has a bird and fish focus. As with the other 3 puzzles in the series, each contains extraordinary details including some surprises we won’t reveal and leave you to discover as you assemble this amazing design. An amazing hand-painted LE you will want to add as part of any collection.
Note: We thought it would be fun to show the original listing from Stave’s 1984 catalog that shows all 4 puzzles in the collection. The catalog is for the description only and not included with the puzzle sale.

Excellent condition. 3 personal pieces (initials, 2 x word split into 2 pieces). The number 4 on puzzle and label. Lid is a little indented on one side and top (see pics). The “s” in one word had a minor repair. Note there is one missing 3D standup piece, which is a small shell. If you wanted it replaced, we can refer you to someone that may be able to help (or Stave might be able to as well).

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