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Puzzle Details
~724 Total Pieces
~21 Silhouettes
28″ x 19″ (widest/tallest points)
Par Time: 4h 45min
(Important: Please read condition notes.)

A very fun, colorful puzzle. This image is originally from a Varig Airlines travel poster from Brazil. We think it may be from the 60s. Great irregular edge puzzle and a joy to do.

The puzzle has been partially restored, and is in decent shape overall. However, there were 3 pieces missing when we acquired the puzzle. Someone had circled, in pen, for some reason, around each missing piece. We were able to both replace the pieces and remove the pen marks, however, there are some grooves in the wood from the pen circles, you can see in the pics. They are hard to see now, but you can see them if you look. We also have one original piece that has the pen mark, but did a large double replacement piece for it. So there are 4 replacement pieces in the puzzle, but 1 of them we still have the original (with pen marks). Aside from that, 15-20 chipped knobs. Box has one repaired corner and showing some wear.
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