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We’re excited to have you join our Secret Puzzle Sale next Saturday. You will be sent a link to view the puzzles on:
Saturday November 21 at Noon Eastern

Here are some things to know:

  1. We are going to have a great range of puzzles. Some highlights include:
    • Over 100 puzzles will be available for sale
    • A 1000+ pc Stave Traditional (+ a whole bunch of smaller Traditionals)
    • A large number of Teasers, Tricks and other challenging Stave Puzzles
    • Several Pars (these have been very hard to come by this year, so don’t miss out on your chance here!)
    • Several Stave Limited Editions
    • An ELMS with close to 900 pieces (along with a nice assortment of smaller sized ones)
    • Some Liberty Puzzles to choose from (including a few no longer sold by Liberty)
    • Nearly 20 of the puzzles are a Christmas and/or Holiday Theme
    • A rare large Stave Wood Puzzle Board
    • A chance to get a Free classic Stave Catalog with your purchase

      If you are new to our sales, I highly recommend you read our guide “Secret Puzzles Sales 101” to understand how our sales work. The puzzles tend to sell fast and this will help you get the best chance of getting the puzzle you want.

      In the meantime, if you are looking for a puzzle to get started on now, we have a limited selection of Staves, Elms and Liberty Puzzles, including some discounted puzzles, available for sale on our site now.

Stay tuned for another update later this week.

Happy Puzzling!