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Lot of 5 Puzzles (Various) SOLD

NOTE: This is part of our special “vintage puzzle” collection sale. These puzzles have not been assembled and we don’t know if they are complete, but have been priced accordingly.

Puzzle 1:
Zig-Zag Puzzles
Eight Immortals at Birthday Party
702 pcs
Our count is 2 higher than 700 on box. Box in good condition.

Puzzle 2:
Olive Picture Puzzles
Scent of the Green(?)
509 pcs
1929 -(possible year)
Pieces look in good shape and box decent for age.

Puzzle 3:
Pop-U-Lar Puzzles
Old English Tavern
713 pcs
We counted one less than the box says. Several broken knobs noticed and a couple of stuck pieces. Box is in pretty poor shape. Lid is not original.

Puzzle 4:
PEG Jigsaw Puzzle
(Zula Kenyon Illustration)
190 pcs
10″ x 13″
Could date circa 1909 from research we did
Piece count matches box. There is some writing on label that can’t make it. Push fit puzzle. Unclear if original box, in poor to fair condition.

Puzzle 5:
E.W. Nickerson
The Centennial of Rubber 1839-1939
621 pcs
19 1/2″ x 20 1/4″
Our count is 1 less than the box says, pieces look in good condition. Unclear if original box.

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