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Lot of 4 (Unknown Cutters) SOLD

NOTE: This is part of our special “vintage puzzle” sale collection. This puzzle has not been assembled and we don’t know if it’s complete, but have been priced accordingly.

Puzzle 1:
Going to the Fire
177 pcs
10 7/8″ x 9 7/8″
Box says complete, our count matches what’s written on box. Very old box, unclear if original. Artist is Walter Ohlson. Wood is very thick and the inside lid has an interesting note.

Puzzle 2:
Fourteen Miles to London
357 pcs
12″ x 20″
We counted 357 pieces and box says 355. This is a semi-push fit puzzle with a “Pastime feel” to the wood. 2 pieces have been repaired (top layer glued). Pieces look to be in good condition and comes in an old candy box.

Puzzle 3:
Crossing the Plains
177 pcs
Our count matches what is on the label on the box. Push fit puzzle and pieces look in good condition. Comes in an old cigar box.

Puzzle 4:
Look Homeward America
342 pcs
We counted one less piece than what the box says. Very complicated cut with loads of swirls, wood is fairly delicate. We found 4 damaged pieces (in a separate bag) and possibly they are missing the broken bits, we couldn’t tell from going through the pieces. Box is not original.

Sorry, This Puzzle Has Been Sold

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