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La Marche Saint Pierre | Senlis SOLD

NOTE: This is part of our special “vintage puzzle” sale collection. This puzzle has not been assembled and we don’t know if it’s complete, but have been priced accordingly.

~1399 Total Pieces
Unknown date (Early 20th c.?)

Probably a French puzzle that could be an image of the fabric district in Paris based on the title. Pieces are cut in a nice swirl fashion and there are a lot of them -about 1400 pcs, so this should keep you puzzling for some time!

Our piece count matches what is on the box, additionally it says complete on the lid, so good chance it’s complete. Unclear if this is the original box, but it does have an old label on it and it is old! Pieces look in good condition from basic inspection. Box is in ok condition for age.

Sorry, This Puzzle Has Been Sold

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